Bike Park Vallnord Opening – Day 2

The best mountain bike park in the World opened last week end in Andorra : Thank You Vallnord ! I thought I would share with you my feedback about it. I don’t know about you but for me riding fresh tracks with some of my best friends messing around is the best ! There will be a lot more riding involved in the next vlogs 😉

Bike Park Vallnord Opening – Day 1

FINALLY, FIRST one in a long time I could make it to the opening day of the BikePark in Vallnord, Andorra ! You can’t beat a session with your best friends messing around. This is why I ride mountain bikes ! The tracks and the dirt are absolutely MINT ! Can’t wait for more ride, next week end ?!

I ride road bikes too!

I’m not fat, I have a heavy bone structure so I need big Panaracer tires on my road bike… and you ?!
My weight also requires me to get the lightest parts possible: Yes Carbon is the solution for now. This is my favorite set up for a road bike. What’s yours ?

How to set up a Mountain bike Downhill Racing Team?

With the upcoming World cup in Lourdes this week-end, I wanted to give you an insight on how a downhill racing team is organized and what you have to do to build one!

Let’s say that we want to make the team X.

We’ll need:

  1. A team manager. Why? To manage the team! And deal with the sponsors, the medias, the riders, the management in general.
  2. Loads of money. To pay UCI, mechanics, doctors, travels, hotels, etc.
  3. A truck. Obviously, to bring your riders and the whole to the events. That’s not cheap either. You have to pay the gasoline, the highway.
  4. Tents. With the logos of all your sponsors.
  5. A Media crew. To film everything, from the set up of the truck to the race day. The guy won’t sleep all night to edit and post the videos all over the internet. And he’s not working for free.

The budget needed depends on the number of riders or mechanics.

What is the team spirit? Team Spirit is knowing that everyone is on the same level. No one is better than the other. Let’s build the tents together. That’s the foundation. That’s how you connect together and become best friends. That’s how you show your respect for everyone.

Even if having a team is something really complicated, it’s also one of the best things in the world!

Visit of BR Racing Garage in California!

Today I’m not talking about bikes but about CARS!

If you know me a little, you know that I’m a car addict since forever. When I was in California for the Sea Otter last week, I had the chance to visit the BR Racing garage and what I found inside was insane! All those Porsche 911 GT3 made me feel like I was dreaming. But the best was when I removed the piece of cloth that covered this badass baby: a LMP3 Race Car. Man! I struggled to get in there, there wasn’t much space but I finally did it and I was like a kid! I wanted to drive it so bad but of course I couldn’t. The Nissan V8 engine was massive and impressive with 420 horses power! Even the tires are sick in this kind of cars.

After that, I really wanted to drive some cool car so I took as an excuse to have to go get my friend Lepa from Misahara to drive a beautiful Porsche Macan.

That was a good day before going back to Europe!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little car trip as much as I did!

Sea Otter Classic 2017 – Race Day !

Downhill race time at the Sea Otter in Monterey, USA! It was almost 73°F and this race was tough for me, I could barely talk!
You can see the start of Aaron Gwin and then mine! See how much I suffered all along the race. At the end it felt like I had a piece of glass in the throat! I still tried to talk for you guys but you will see it was very difficult!

The track was very slippery, I pedaled my ass off and of course, when I crossed the finish line, there was no timing for me! Luckily I had it later and I finish 44th! Jared Graves took the win, congrats to him!
In bonus, the man from DVO talks to you about the new Onyx fork which is a big version of the Diamond fork. I really loved to ride this race with it!
I ended the day the best way ever: driving a beautiful Ferrari!

Enjoy the sound of this perfect!