About Me

Hello, I’m Cedric Gracia, French pro mountain biker for over 20 years.
I started with BMX in my teens, I also raced 4X, Downhill, Freeride, Slopestyle, and Enduro.

I’ve won a bunch of races like Red Bull Rampage in 2003, plus dozens of podiums in UCI Downhill and 4 Cross World Cup and World Championship. Lately, I’ve turned to enduro in the EWS.
My motto is : FUN OVER VICTORY !

Now I will be useful to you guys. I will give back to you all the love you gave me the past decades!
My goal is to help you ride faster with style.

I already shared my experience on mountain biking in real life, organizing CG Funcamps all over the world.
Now, I’m bringing it to you on the Internet: On top of telling stories about mountain biking, I will teach you how to ride your ride safely, easily and how to have FUN even if you’re a beginner!