HOW TO OVERCOME FEAR – Behind Your Fear, You Will Find Pure Joy – CG VLOG #300

It’s weird, but you are usually scared for nothing. There is no point of being scared of falling down, until you actually fall down.
Moreover, there is something magical, blissful, when you overcome your biggest fear.
It is very true about mountain biking. The sport brings you amazing reward when you are able to land that jump perfectly, go through this rock garden at max speed or go down that technical section smoothly.

UCI DOWNHILL WORLD CUP 2018 Winners & Losers – CG VLOG #297

Let’s talk about the upcoming UCI DH World Cup, season 2018.
Downhill is the formula 1 of mountain biking, and it’s always exciting to start a new season.
Who moved from one team to another? Which tracks are going to be key to win points?

I can’t wait to get back on my bike, but also to watch the boys battle on the trails. Of course, Vallnord will always be the best, but you know why.

Santa Cruz Shopping – CG VLOG #293

follow me inside Santa Cruz headquarter to get my stuff . Santa Cruz make sure you have everything you need to be happy . The Office is so rad and all the workers are always ready to help you when they see you lost around . cheers boys to be so rad
feel so good to be part of the Family

Laguna Seca – CG VLOG #288

Driving Laguna Seca is probably one of the best thing i have ever done special with the LMP3 and full crew from BRRACING , you get the full treatment of a car racer . the power and the braking of the this car is amazing , but you can t be arrogant with it or she will make you remember who is the boss .


today big day for me , it s been 1 year exactly i did my first Daily Vlog ! and let me tell you , it s been an incredible year and a challenge to upload a Vlog everyday . does matter where you are and how tired you are , you have to do it …….
thanks guys for the massive support you guys gave me from the sponsors to the fans and to the subscribers . Happy Birthday CG Vlog