Sea Otter Classic 2017 – Race Day !

Downhill race time at the Sea Otter in Monterey, USA! It was almost 73°F and this race was tough for me, I could barely talk!
You can see the start of Aaron Gwin and then mine! See how much I suffered all along the race. At the end it felt like I had a piece of glass in the throat! I still tried to talk for you guys but you will see it was very difficult!

The track was very slippery, I pedaled my ass off and of course, when I crossed the finish line, there was no timing for me! Luckily I had it later and I finish 44th! Jared Graves took the win, congrats to him!
In bonus, the man from DVO talks to you about the new Onyx fork which is a big version of the Diamond fork. I really loved to ride this race with it!
I ended the day the best way ever: driving a beautiful Ferrari!

Enjoy the sound of this perfect!

The Balance Between Work And Play

Back in the days, I used to work hard and party harder.
It’s always a though choice between having a good time with your friends, while staying healthy and in shape when you are a pro athlete.
Especially mountain biking, which is a very demanding sport for the body, alcohol is the enemy.