Laguna Seca – CG VLOG #288

Driving Laguna Seca is probably one of the best thing i have ever done special with the LMP3 and full crew from BRRACING , you get the full treatment of a car racer . the power and the braking of the this car is amazing , but you can t be arrogant with it or she will make you remember who is the boss .

Unboxing My New BMW X6 M50D

What a day ! Getting a new car is so exciting ! That BMW X6 M50D 2017 is looking proper sick ! I loved the older one so why would I change a winning team. Can’t wait to protect her with Body Fence by Hexis ! Thank you BMW !

Visit of BR Racing Garage in California!

Today I’m not talking about bikes but about CARS!

If you know me a little, you know that I’m a car addict since forever. When I was in California for the Sea Otter last week, I had the chance to visit the BR Racing garage and what I found inside was insane! All those Porsche 911 GT3 made me feel like I was dreaming. But the best was when I removed the piece of cloth that covered this badass baby: a LMP3 Race Car. Man! I struggled to get in there, there wasn’t much space but I finally did it and I was like a kid! I wanted to drive it so bad but of course I couldn’t. The Nissan V8 engine was massive and impressive with 420 horses power! Even the tires are sick in this kind of cars.

After that, I really wanted to drive some cool car so I took as an excuse to have to go get my friend Lepa from Misahara to drive a beautiful Porsche Macan.

That was a good day before going back to Europe!

Hope you guys enjoyed this little car trip as much as I did!

I am a supercar addict

I love super cars. You’ve already seen my Ferrari and i teased you with my new Porsche GT3.
Today, let’s see some super car monsters at my favorite car dealership.
Listen to the sick exhaust sounds of those beasts.