Visit of ProbikeShop HQ & Ride with the Locals

Visit with me the Probikeshop’s headquarters and warehouse ! This is huge ! I don’t come across such a building very often , mountain bike and MTB parts everywhere … BMX , road bikes … ! So nice to end this visit with a ride and meeting local riders ! Don’t forget to shop online at : !

Megavalanche 2017 Alpe D’Huez – Challengers Race Analysis

Ajoutée le 12 juil. 2017
Since I attended the launch of the Santa Cruz HighTower LT, I wasn’t able to race Megavalanche 2017 in Alpe d’Huez.
My mates of the Kamembert Brigade brought me back some footage, which I comment for you.
Today, we are watching Flying Minguet in Saturday’s Megavalanche Challengers Race. He didn’t qualify very well, since he started in 4th line, but he was in the top 15 at the bottom of the Pic Blanc Glacier 3300m, then finished 2nd in scratch and first in Master 50 category.
Job well done my friend.