HOW TO OVERCOME FEAR – Behind Your Fear, You Will Find Pure Joy – CG VLOG #300

It’s weird, but you are usually scared for nothing. There is no point of being scared of falling down, until you actually fall down.
Moreover, there is something magical, blissful, when you overcome your biggest fear.
It is very true about mountain biking. The sport brings you amazing reward when you are able to land that jump perfectly, go through this rock garden at max speed or go down that technical section smoothly.

How to become rich?

A lot of people think I’m rich, but first let’s reflect on what is the meaning of being rich. Sure, you can make a lot of money and buy a lot of things.
Being rich might also be about how you fulfill your life.
In this video, I lay out how I got to a comfortable way of life, but more important I will give you the state of mind you need to meet your goals.