6 Months Subscription (3 videos + 1 webinar)

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Hire Cedric Gracia as your personal coach for 6 months and save 300€!

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6 months subscription for CG Funcamp Online.

With this plan, you save 300€ (or 46,7%) and get the subscription at 57€/month instead of 107€/month!

With CG Funcamp Online, you get:

1. One video per week (4 per month) :

  • 3 recorded videos, addressing 3 different topics (one video per week);
  • 1 live webinar where you will be able to ask me every question about the 3 videos of the month. This will come with a replay and the possibility to ask your questions before the webinar if you can’t be live with us.

2. A private Facebook group where you can exchange between students, and where I’ll answer your questions between live webinars.

3. We will have special meet ups, reserved for students of my program. Wherever I travel around the world, we will meet for a talk, a ride or just for a beer!

4. Goodies and special deals from my sponsors and friends in the mountain bike industry:

5. Other options will include reviewing your videos of progression sessions, real life training camps, and more…