In this video, I give you my 5 best tips to help you improve your mountain bike ride.

1. Don’t be a passenger. You and your bike are one. Don’t just sit on it like on your sofa, waiting for the ride to be over! Be active on the bike, dominate it!

2. Work & Practice! Things are not going to be easy all of a sudden. You can watch all the videos you want on the internet, if you don’t go outside to practice them, it can’t work.

3. Commitment. Always be committed to what you do. Be focus, think about the technic you’re going to apply. Don’t go wild without thinking because it won’t work either!

4. Ride with flow. Don’t be afraid to go a little faster than usual. You’ll see things coming easier and you’ll also have more fun. Trust me, you will be very surprise!

5. Over exagerate the exercice. That’s what I do, and at the end of the exercice, you will understand a lot more things about the technicity and the way to realize that move in real conditions.

Watch the free video below to understand perfectly those 5 points and I promise that your mountain bike ride will be a lot different and funnier!

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